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                          Zero-Gravity Treatments with PROTEC !


We offer in Germany and in Slovenia the cutting-edge Protec innovation, which contributes in a very natural way to the longevity, men's and women's health and mobility, low back pain reduction, efficient rehabilitation and improves significantly quality-of-life of aging people.


We support you with training and/or establishing beneficial business solutions.

1- to 5- days training and on-site coaching for yourself and/or your staff are available as in-house training in German, English,Russian, Slovenian etc. languages.   


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Back & Neck Pain Reduction

The PROTEC implements natural and safe approach to spinal decompression using the gravitation of your own body.






The PROTEC natural gravity stretching brings visible results even after 1-2 sessions.




Men's Health


The PROTEC improves blood circulation in spine and contributes to the rejuvenation of organs and extending of men's health and quality-of-life.



 Up to 10 treatments of 75 to 100- years old people in Japan   confirm significant back pain reduction and restoring their normal every day mobility.




Protec 4You

PROTEC Zero Gravity treatment is also known as a Floating Lumbar Suspension Excercise or Floating Manual Treatment (FMT).


The lower body weight is functioning as  an  anchor and provides natural traction.  In this state,   various types of exercise are safe and efficient for the lumbar region, neck, arm, legs, etc.  



93% of users report the effectiveness and improvement in their mobility and quality-of-life.

Protec 4All


PROTEC Zero Gravity can treat every person, regardless of height, weight or age. The material quality can hold larger persons in mid air comfortably and safe. While the person is hanging in the side pillows, the legs are supported up with leg holders to create a natural sitting position for the body. 

The spine is hanging free and the pressure from the spinal nervous system is removed. Without mechanical pulling and only using normal gravity, the Protec decreases the disc pressure and relaxes back muscles. One gets a relaxed and flexible back, and is able again to tie the shoelaces and have Quality Life!


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