Innovation Software Tools


Be effective and  efficiently Manage Innovation and differentiate your company from its' competitors!  Select a collaboration path and  get Ideation TRIZ tools free!

  Ideation Brainstorming


A simplified tool for facilitating brainstorming and/or solving problem of light to medium complexity.

For any deal worth US$3,000 or more you get free single license Ideation Brainstorming.

             Ideation Problem Formulator


Problem Formulator is an universal tool for modeling and analyzing any problem situation. It is using cause-effect approach and models human thinking process, allowing to interactively visualize problems and key issues rather than symptoms.This tool is inexpensive and easy to use. It proved to be a good facilitation tool.  Problem diagram could be built together with the team or prepared ahead of time and the team can brainstorm generated directions for problem solving.

For any deal worth US$4,500 or more you get free single license Ideation Problem Formulator.

Innovation Workbench


A comprehensive professional tool for inventive problem solving with unique analytic tools (Innovation Situation Questionnaire, Ideation Problem Formulator), with more than 100 TRIZ tools and an extensive Ideation Knowledge Base or so-called Operators. Operators  illustrate typical and most efficient innovative solutions and were derived from millions of patents. Great tool for designers, engineers, innovation managers.

For any deal worth US$27,000 or more you get free single license Innovation Workbench.

AFD - Anticipatory Failure Determination

is a revolutionary Ideation Methodology for system failure   analysis and generating error proof and innovative solutions for complex problems.

It is supported by two professional tools:


1. Ideation Failure Analysis (IFA),and

2. Ideation Failure Prediction (IFP),                                                                  

 which enhance conventional techniques of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and/or HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Analysis) to a new level of creativity and Innovation Management

For any deal worth US$27,000 or more you get free single license Ideation Failure Analysis or Ideation Failure Prediction on your choice.