Collaborative Innovation:                             Training and Coaching 



Formulate SMART Goals, plan corporate deployment, execute smooth transformation, manage the change and achieve ALL objectives in a well structured way for best efficiency operational excellence and user experience.






Experienced Business Coach and Trainer

Get ready to attain or renew your  Innovation Problem Solving skills, as well as  Process  Lean, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma and Process Control competency.


Learn Agile Business Process-, User Experience (UX) and Big Data Predictive Analytics and advanced Project Management.


All-day hands-on Training Modules  teach practical skills and result in recommendations  that you can apply immediately.


Create Learning Path for Your Team


Get online training




Rent Scrum  Agile Coach

Raise operational performance of your teams by renting experienced Scrum Coach and Trainer.



Get Answers & Support

Bring your questions to these fully interactive sessions with your Expert Coach. 


Each @Coach session is limited to a small group of participants, which allows for team facilitation, process mapping  and interactions around specific topics on the interactive whiteboards.


We analyse professionally big data sets and provide you with a valuable insight in your Customer's  preferences, significant factors driving your performance and stability etc.




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We use Agile and Scrum  methodology and  customize Design of each service, project and training course to meet your specific objectives and needs.






Innovation Facilitator/Driver

Empower your team with Learning-through- Action consulting projects.


EXAMPLES: Facilitation of the following events

  • AI Innovation Workshop -  NEW!!!
  • Scrum Kaizen Workshops
  • Innovative Problem Solving
  • Failure determination & FMEA
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics OpEx
  • Value Stream Mapping Workshops
  • Innovative Design Brainstorming and Concept Development
  • Operational Excellence Workshops
  • Innovative Problem Solving Workshops





Accelerate Implementation

Transform your Process Performance with our Project-, Quality-, Innovation Management and Big Data & Predictive Analytics consultancy. Upgrade to AI Process Control and manage organizational change - ask for AI Trial Application.



  • AI Process Control
  • AI Risk Management Workshops- NEW!
  • Increase Reliability and OEE
  • Increase Sales and Productivity
  • User Experience Research
  • Business Analytics
  • Stabilize Operations
  • Reduce Process Lead Time
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Reduce COst of BIg DAta Total Ownership  -COBIDATO
  • Improve Big Data Value
  • Increase Production
  • Accelerate Problem Solving
  • Alarm Management
  • SMED
  • Reduce Defect rates
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficient Data Mining & Statistical Modelling
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Artificial Neural Networks Applications for higher Reliability & Availability & OEE
  • Voice of Customer and process big data analytics
  • Risk Management Projects
  • Protect IP
  • Analyse Evolution Trends

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Remote-Productivity and Operational Excellence 


It is time to unlock new business opportunities, redesign value proposition, drive organization-, business- and management processes,  teamwork- and information flows to a new remote work culture.

Our mission is to navigate and to support smooth and efficient transition to the remote productivity and operational excellence through 
- strategy, technology and change leadership,
- structured remote workshops facilitation,
- continuous improvement,
- process performance management with KPI-oriented analytics, and training.

Some of our clients or partners include:



European_Transac-tion Bank

Ideation_Interna-tional Inc.



Ford Motor_ Company

Lean & Agile





Shell Gas

Salym Petroleum


Procise GmbH

Vladimed Consulting uG



Six Sigma



Danfoss_Compressors GmbH

Deutsche Bank

Gorenje o.o.o.





Siemens VDO

SixSigma Qualtec Inc.

Standard Bank of South Africa

Rath & Strong




Big Data

Gelrad LLC.



Human Factors_ International Inc.



Hardie_ Consulting