Agile Value-Driven Six Sigma: Accelerate Business  


You realise that classic Six Sigma deployment is far too slow to sustain, transform and to grow your business, especially during the recession or economic crisis.

Agility, customer value driven innovation and prioritisation, efficient tools and shortcuts become the keys to  success.


We guide and support your Leadership and project teams 

in Agile Value Driven Six Sigma, particularly via structured Sprints and efficient tool-based IPS (Identify, Prioritize,Select)


Operational Excellence, Change Management and Business Process Efficiency Consulting


You want to work efficiently and do not have clear ideas where to start. We provide you with a structured approach and guide you through the efficiency road map.

Lean Six Sigma  and Design for Six Sigma Consulting


Get help in deploying your corporate Six Sigma. ASQ certified Fellow Six Sigma Master Black Belt mentors  help you achieve process stability, zero defect process/system capability and significant business benefits. Call Six Sigma Master Black Belt to professionally analyze big data sets and provide you with just-in-time understanding of your Customers and Employees preferences and performance drivers. 


Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Smart Applications


Your Process Control System is out of date and should be upgraded and become smarter and more efficient, safe and reliable.                                                                      We collaboratively define the vision of change, design and develop working AI prototype using innovative tools, and guide you through implementation and   

                                                                                   change management.

Usability Consulting


Ask UX expert to professionally analyze User Requirements and review your workflow, design and system architecture to provide recommendation for better user experience and business results.

Innovation and TRIZ Consulting


Get help in your innovation project. We conduct innovation research on evolutionary trends and help you innovate your strategy, product, system or service design and protect IP.

Big Data Analytics

                          Apply new cutting edge Big Data technologies to                                        decrease complexity and to maintain right scope of Six                             Sigma and Continuous Improvement Projects and                                      Activities WITHOUT employing extra analysts.

                           Get help in maintaining Big Data Value and Cost of

                           Total Ownership under YOUR control!

Lean Consulting


Call lean expert to facilitate Lean Workshops and Kaizen Events,  and help your team improve process efficiency.

Remote facilitation is really efficient - you save time, money and streamline your processes with highest quality.



Statistical Consulting

          Ask Statistical expert and outsource following statistical


  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Acceptance Sampling
  • Process Validation
  • Method Validation
  • Stability and Capability Evaluation
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Comparative Studies
  • Third Party Expert Review
  • Clinical Protocol Review
  • Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence (BI)