AI Process Control Applications

We are on the mission to empower industries with safe and cost-effective AI applications to improve Process Efficiency and Quality, and to reduce Energy Consumption and Environmental Pollution. 


Effective implementation of AI in Process Control can be achieved in 4 Phases:

We facilitate, support and guide you through all 4 phases. However, our main effort focuses on Innovating AI Opportunities and on the development and  validation of AI Trial Application in collaboration with your Project Team.


 We use 

  • Agile DMAIC and Scrum methodologies and roadmaps,
  • advanced  Neural Networks and AI software, which best matches the objectives and application,


and speed-up Feasibility Studies, Training,  Optimization  and Validation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Neural Networks solutions.   


I. Innovate AI Improvements

Do you have a clear vision and idea why, where and when to apply AI for Process Control?


We help you and facilitate 1-day (or two 1/2-days)   AI Innovative Workshops for Leadership, main Stakeholders and Decision Makers

  • to brainstorm and to generate ideas on alternative AI Applications,
  • to walkthrough with experienced facilitator through improvement opportunities, pros and contras, potential benefits and risks,
  • to identify, to prioritize and to select most appropriate AI Application for the Trial.

Ask for AI Innovation Workshop



II.Test with AI TRIAL Application!

Common reasons for resistance to process automation and AI are lack of skills or confidence, fear of risks, of uncertainty,  to lose the job etc. Your team may feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the new tools, technologies, or processes. To overcome this, you need to provide adequate training and support for your team along the whole AI project lifecycle.


We utilize an upgraded AI DMAIC Methodology and tools for collaborative developement and validation of  AI Trial Applications. No big investment in expensive harware is needed, as we use AI software which efficiently manages big data on standard PCs or Laptops.


It allows to shorten the AI Trial development time to 1-3 month, to engage and to train the team, to enable smooth organizational transformation, to reach the objectives and to gain expected benefits.

















III. Transform Process Control


Smooth transformation to efficient AI process controls may be achieved in 2 steps:

  1. first, Operator leads and uses AI support to just in time perform most efficient control actions, and
  2. second, AI leads and Operator supervises and able to intervene if needed.

Both steps are needed to build trust and confidence, and to continuously improve AI Process control.


Full automation with AI is rarely considered so far.



It usually takes longer for operators to rely on AI and III.Transform phase including implementation may take 1-2 years.


During this time AI solution will be continuously upgraded and trained using current process data. We support and coach these processes of AI Continuous Improvement and organizational change. 


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