Innovation Games

Innovation Gamification changes the negative perception of the innovation training  that it's boring and efficiently re-energizes and empowers your teams.



We offer 1/2 -to 1 day Innovation Games, which

  • turns systemic brainstorming moderation into a real game resulted in high quality ideas, and
  • affects mind-sets and behavior,
  • help your organization grow, change, prosper, and thrive.

On demand we continue supporting and training innovation leaders and teams using the following professional innovation tools:

Ideation Brainstorming 

Ideation Problem Formulator

Innovation Workbench

Ideation Failure Analysis

Ideation Failure Prediction

Innovation Game for Leadership

Be an effective Innovation Leader or Moderator: 1-day game with maximum 10 participants

Team-Innovation Game

Do-it-yourself innovative problem solving: 1/2- to 1-day game with maximum 10 participants