TRIZ Innovation Engineering


  • Genrich Altschuller, the father of TRIZ methodology and of more than 100 innovation- and inventive problem solving tools, discovered that systems don’t evolve randomly, they grow based on 8 basic patterns of evolution.

  • Last twenty years of research has expanded the evolution applications up to more than 400 lines of evolution.  

  •  This powerful methodology can be applied to the evolution of:  Organization;  Technology;   Products;  Market;  Intellectual Property.

  • Utilization of patterns allows for identifying evolutionary directions (targets) together with proven standard ways how they could be realized.


On demand we continue supporting and training innovation leaders and teams.


Strategic Innovation Process

  1. Analyze the past evolution of the system of interest (whether technological, social, business, etc.). 

  2. Identify the main patterns in this evolution.  

  3. Select the goals for further evolution using patterns database.

  4. Generate innovative evolution alternatives using evolution patterns and lines. 

  5. Define how to pursue the selected directions and revealing evolutionary resources – i.e., the technologies, materials, products, processes, skills, knowledge, etc.

  6.  Model and identify potential risks and possible future problems  using special knowledge base of information about typical evolutionary risks. 


iTRIZ Project Based Training

We offer customer project based Innovation Engineering Training.


Start up with the 2-days Kick-Off Inventive Problem Solving Workshop                            

  • It includes real life project, with optional support (coaching/mentoring) up to two month
  • Value Proposition: Gain knowledge of selected analytical thinking tools and software for overcoming complex problems and completing one project

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