Management Training in Gelsenkirchen


Visit public 9-days Management Training courses conducted by ELENA Innovation uG in Gelsenkirchen with significant fee reduction.


We welcome 4 -16 participants in any of the  9-days Management Training courses.


These training courses are focused in diverse management topics and consist of

  • 9 Training Workshops (3-4 hours each), and
  • 9 Coaching Sessions between the Training Workshops (3-4 hours each for the whole group or as agreed between participants) .

We schedule Training Workshops and Coaching Sessions together with participants within one week after their registration and payment.


Usually the Training Workshops are conducted bi-weekly, with Coaching Sessions in between. In this case the whole Training Course is conducted within 1.5 -2 months.


The price for participation in any 9-days Management Training Workshop per participant is 360 Euro per day (excl. VAT, soft drinks and training materials).


The Management Training Course takes place with minimum 4 participants.


Please, call to agree on corporate discount.


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9-days  Management Training Courses in 2019


1901  Customer Quality Implementation


1902  Contractor Management


1903  HR Management


1904  Supplier Chain Management


1905  Customer Value Proposition


1906  Agile Project Management


1907  Business Process Re-Engineering


1908  Root Cause Analyse (RCA) - Scrum



1909 Risk Analyse - Scrum Workshop


We offer significant price reduction for more than 5 participants from one company in the course.


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